Presented to the People of Palestine, the humanity



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                                 Presented to the People of Palestine, the humanity              

Friday is coming for a purpose and that the cause of Palestine and the struggle against the Zionists, Muslims, non-Muslim, does not matter because we all human and we must support the oppressed, human and because humanity has prevailed on us, we will intimidate the oppressed called and to cry, "What sin to have been killed," the head will.

60 years passes from the right of Muslims and we still hope to reach Guds, turn ...

But an important question, why?

About 70 years ago the British the pretext to dominate the land taken from the Ottoman Empire, the land where seized, after a while migration of Jews to Palestine began, and despite opposition Muslim it in Palestine settlement found, day misery came and Palestine , the mass suicide of Hitler and the Jews were European Jews while they were neither German nor European, nor even the Jews were involved in burning (assuming there !!!), only because it was oppressed, prevalence of injustice was Muslim and Christian, no Jew except one class citizenship in the new territory was not established, the Jews of different races, Russian, Ukraine, Iran, Africa and ... Came to Palestine and all eyes on justice and humanity, tied, Yd this event, more insolent Jew were attacked again and again ...

Andy Palestine Sixty years ago an area of a fillet strip " God is one and no partner " from the mantle of a soldier, but was limited to whatever ideals and aspirations of a free Palestine from the minds of humanity was not clean, body and land on them, but the soul master and they think not!

Unless they sold their land was gone!

No! Area of land that the Palestinians or even sold to the English gift Jew had only two thousand square kilometers, which compared with 27 thousand square km area of Palestine, only 7 / 7 percent and this percentage is also something about a third Buy it through to the Zionists and the rest come with British assistance has been given them. This means that only about what 5 / 2 percent of land to the Zionists in Palestine has been sold, so this claim is also false because the Palestinians themselves are sold Their land should be punished to assoil!

What do we do now?

The international community should pressure the government and powerful opposition to Israel and also with the international community to eliminate Israel off the field holding a free election in Palestine and what Muslim vote Flstsnyan true, what Christian, Jewish destiny of this land what they gave and wicked and criminals to trial.

I hope this is practical!?

No, if participating in protests and demonstrations against Israel, despite Israel's challenging and intellectually'll remove it, and we all proved that Knbm country called Israel does not exist, we believe it reach Israel perishability and how beautiful said: "weakest home hosting house spider!









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